Why look for a "spiritual companion"?

Life can come in waves and occasionally in tsunamis... It may be smooth sailing for quite some time, when suddenly the sky darkens, your boat begins to rock, and then the waves hit the sides harder. The spray goes from refreshing to frightening. 

When you have those times, you may feel the need for a spiritual companion -- not a skipper to take over the rudder of your boat, but to help you guide it, to offer gentle words of calm as you find your own power again. No one is ever truly without their own spiritual compass -- but sometimes we all may need a little help in finding it again. 


One who listens deeply, to you

Listening is a lost art in our world and culture. A spiritual companion is truly precious jewel to add to one's life: a caring person who listens. One who can empower YOU, help to light the path and open doorways in your heart and spirit.  I have called myself a signpost on the path that says, "Go this way", or "You're on the right path!"... alternatively who may indicate, subtly and gently, "Perhaps a little more meditation on this would be helpful... talk to Spirit/The Divine/God/Goddess a bit more, before making a move."  Mostly a spiritual companion who is trained as I am, in "Clinical Pastoral Education", in ministry and in the psycho-spiritual dimensions of life, will LISTEN. Listen deeply. With all senses, including the heart and intuition. 

I am trained as a chaplain, have worked in hospices, private homes, hospitals and shelters. Currently I am a member of various spiritual care organizations, and have offered listening and insights to people in all walks and stages of life for over three decades. I have performed many weddings, facilitated memorial services, blessed babies, and generally been at peoples' sides in all manner of crises, transitions, rocky or smooth moments. 

My spiritual toolkit spans the spectrum of faiths and wisdom traditions, and I will tailor it to your needs. My modalities of spiritual companioning and guidance may include silent meditation, guided visualization, asking questions to help you explore your needs and goals, or simply finding humor to laugh together. I describe myself as "interfaith" today, as I am trained in a variety of faiths and spiritual practices.  An ethical spiritual companion will never proselytize or preach. 

Fees and services

My regular fee is $60/hour.

The initial half-hour consultation is offered free of charge, by phone.

If you would like to talk about my becoming your "spiritual companion", please reach out initially via the contact page on this website.  Afterwards we can choose whether to meet via Zoom, phone, in person or a mix of those. 

(Sliding scale fees are available to those with financial limitations.) 

May your path be very blessed and the sailing smooth!